Advantages of carbon fiber bicycles Oct 19, 2021

Tion of bicycle manufacturing materials, its mechanical structure, process modeling and mechanical structure are also iterative, which further promotes the improvement of bicycle performance and function. Nowadays, bicycle has been expanded from the initial means of transportation to fitness, competition equipment and leisure and entertainment products. In particular, the wide application of carbon fiber in bicycle manufacturing has brought a new revolution to the bicycle industry.

Teristics of carbon fiber bicycle

1. Light weight and good handling

2. The density of carbon fiber composites is only 20% of that of steel and 50% of that of aluminum. Theoretically, the mass of carbon fiber bicycles is reduced by 30% and the effective riding force is increased by more than 45% compared with steel or aluminum metal bicycles. The lightest carbon fiber frame can be less than 0.7kg. The mass of competitive carbon fiber bicycle is only 7 ~ 8kg, but the mass of aluminum alloy frame is difficult to be less than 1kg. Therefore, carbon fiber bicycle has better mobility and acceleration performance.

3. High safety

4. The tensile strength of carbon fiber is generally more than 3500MPa, more than 4 times that of steel, and can withstand great mechanical impact; Compared with metal materials, it has good fracture toughness and good fatigue resistance, and even if the fracture starts from the matrix, it has visibility. All these greatly improve the safety of bicycle riding.

5. Good comfort

6. The elastic modulus of carbon fiber is close to three times that of aluminum alloy. After being stressed, the elastic deformation is small, the natural vibration frequency is high, and resonance is not easy to occur. Good resonance damping improves the damping capacity of bicycle. The carbon fiber composite component is not easy to deform, and has high rigidity and good force conductivity, which makes the carbon fiber frame step harder, making the rider ride better, more energy-saving and have a sense of the road.

7. 4. Strong stress resistance

8. Carbon fiber composites have good corrosion resistance to general organic solvents, acids and alkalis, and there is no rust problem at all. Of course, the radial strength of carbon fiber is very small, and the impact resistance of carbon fiber composite frame or parts to sharp objects is poor. In addition, the resin as the matrix of the composite material is easy to age under direct sunlight. With the progress of science and technology, it is believed that these deficiencies of carbon fiber bicycle will be continuously optimized and improved.

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