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Cycling is a very good way of healthy exercise, so for cyclists, what is the appropriate speed for cycling? Are more expensive bicycle faster? What kind of bike configuration would be more suitable?

Let's talk about how much riding speed is normal. According to different types of bicycles, there are several situations as follows.

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1. The riding speed depends on the rider's physical strength and road conditions, as well as the configuration of the bicycle.

2. If it is an ordinary bicycle, the riding speed on the road in the city is about 10-15 kilometers per hour, and the instantaneous speed can reach more than 20 kilometers per hour.

3. If it is the carbon mountain bicycle, if the rider’s physical strength and road conditions are good, the riding speed is about 16-25 kilometers per hour, and the riding speed can reach 30-35 kilometers per hour in a short period of time, the highest in an instant The speed can reach more than 40 kilometers per hour.
4. If it is the carbon road bicycle, the riding speed is about 30 kilometers per hour when the rider's physical strength and road conditions are good, and the riding speed can reach 35-40 kilometers per hour in a short period of time, and the instantaneous maximum speed can be Reach more than 50 kilometers per hour. Road bikes generally have 9-11S to choose from.OSFC wholesale carbon wheels

Carbon Road bikes have different height options for the carbon  wheelset, such as the lighter and narrower heights are 20mm, 30mm, 35mm, 38mm, the popular heights are 45mm, 55mm, with clincher tubeless carbon rims, the width is between 21-30 select. According to different needs, you can choose hubs, spokes and nipples of different weights and models.
Carbon Road bicycles are also divided into rim brakes and disc brakes, and different brake sides are produced according to the requirements of the riding venue.
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5. carbon Mountain bikes generally have 11S, 20S, 21S, 24S, 27S and 30S; correct use of the transmission can cope with complex road conditions and climates such as flat roads, uphill and downhill, dirt roads, and headwinds, and is faster and labor-saving than ordinary bicycles much. The riding speed of mountain bikes is related to the rider's operating habits and physical strength. Generally, the average riding speed of mountain bikes is between 15 km/h and 30 km/h.

The main features of mountain bikes are: wide tires, straight handlebars, front and rear shock absorption, and more comfortable riding. Wide and multi-toothed tires provide grip, and there are shock absorbers to absorb shocks; mountain bikes have wide tires, good grip, and low pressure, which is not easy to fill the ground, while road bikes are the opposite, with narrow tires, so labor-saving and fast. Mountain bikes are more suitable for mountain climbing and field trips.

There are also different sizes of carbon MTB bicycle wheels such as 26", 27.5", 29", etc. There are also many kinds of carbon wheels heights and widths, such as depth with 20mm, 23mm, 24mm, 25mm, 28mm, etc., and width such as 24mm, 28mm, etc. 30mm, 35mm, 38mm, etc.

Whether it is a road bike or a mountain bike, different types of carbon rims, different hubs and spokes are used in the wheelset, the weight is different, the performance is also different, and it also affects the riding speed. So please choose the corresponding carbon bicycle wheelset according to your riding requirements.

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