Bicycle carbon wheels about riding downhill Oct 19, 2021

It is said that going uphill is easy and difficult going downhill. In fact, as long as you master these points, the downhill can be fast and steady.

1. Check the vehicle
Whether you want to ride downhill or not, you must stick to the vehicle before each ride, focusing on checking whether the brakes are good and whether the quick release is loose or not.

2. Wear equipment
You must wear equipment when riding. Helmets and gloves are absolutely indispensable. Don’t be troublesome, don’t be ugly. Compared with life safety, everything else is trivial.

High TG Carbon rim
3. Control speed
What is a safe riding speed? This may not be a fixed familiarity, because the road conditions are different and everyone's level is different, but you must slow down as much as possible so that you can control the bicycle and have enough time when an accident occurs. Let the car slow down and stop.
Remember, put it away and keep it away.

4. Lower the center of gravity
When riding downhill, bend your arms a bit and lower your center of gravity to be more stable.
Sometimes, the center of gravity will be slightly back, or even back to the back of the seat cushion, and some people are sitting downhill on the top tube, such as the big cousin of Tour de France last year. This is still very difficult, and it is not recommended for ordinary fans to imitate.

5. Learn to brake
Most people may be accustomed to using the rear brake as the main brake when braking. In fact, this concept is incorrect because it is extremely easy to skid.
Only using the front brake is not enough, it is easy to roll over, so the center of gravity can be slightly rearward.
Regarding which of the front and rear brakes is important, this is welcome to discuss.
When braking, slow down instead of stopping directly. If you change this notion, you will not rely on the brakes, and you will know the importance of controlling the riding speed.

6. Be wary of cornering
The corners are terrible. Not only may you ride out, but you also don’t know what’s going on behind the corners. If the speed is very fast, accidents are extremely prone to occur.
Never overtake a corner, remember.

The wider Asymmetric carbon wheels is a good choice.Because wider rim systerm offers improved aerodynamics.better handing in crosswinds conditions and faster riding.

7. Do not cross the line
It is extremely easy to cross the line when riding downhill on a curve. Because it is a curve, you can't see the front, and the vehicle in front will not see you for the first time. It is very likely to collide face-to-face, which is terrible.

8. Understand the road conditions
For safety, or for better riding, you can choose the better carbon wheels. you can step on points in advance to understand the road conditions.

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