Cycling safety is the most important Feb 23, 2022

In a long-distance riding journey, a crash can be said to be the most unwilling situation for a cyclist. A small accident may cause serious casualties. Therefore, you must wear helmets and other protective gear when riding a bicycle to avoid injury in a collision. However, in riding, crashing is not necessarily inevitable. As long as you master the braking skills, you can greatly reduce the chance of crashing.

Safe Braking Tips
During the riding journey, there is usually a certain amount of luggage load, so the riding speed on the flat road and uphill is not too fast. As long as you pay attention to the road conditions and obey the traffic rules, the possibility of falling is relatively small.

Crashes are more common on downhill sections, especially on continuous steep slopes on winding roads. For braking control on downhills, the best approach is to use the front and rear brakes simultaneously.
Some riders think that using the front brake will cause the bicycle to lose control and roll forward, so only the rear brake is used, but the braking force and braking effect of the rear brake are far less than that of the front brake, and the locking of the rear brake will also cause the body to slide. In addition, although in theory the braking force of the front brake alone is the largest, this requires a high level of technology, so it is better to use the front brake with the rear brake.