• Riding Skills for carbon bicycle rims
    Riding Skills for carbon bicycle rims May 28, 2021
    1. Increase the cadence properly! Choose a good carbon bicycle wheels,Choose the gear ratio that suits your strength, and don't step on the gear ratio that you can't step on. Quickly switch to a lower gear ratio, increase the cadence appropriately, and control the cadence within the range that suits you. For example, the cadence of novices can be maintained at around 80-90, and the cadence of expe...
  • Bicycle carbon wheels about riding downhill
    Bicycle carbon wheels about riding downhill Oct 19, 2021
    It is said that going uphill is easy and difficult going downhill. In fact, as long as you master these points, the downhill can be fast and steady. 1. Check the vehicle Whether you want to ride downhill or not, you must stick to the vehicle before each ride, focusing on checking whether the brakes are good and whether the quick release is loose or not. 2. Wear equipment You must wear equipment wh...
  • Carbon Fiber Bike Riding Essentials Mar 09, 2022
    Road Bike Hill Climbing Essentials As a road cyclist or a regular road bike cyclist, do you have an insurmountable obstacle when climbing a hill? Climbing so fast that your heart beats, your muscles are sore, you are crawling, your posture is deformed? Take it easy, this article teaches you to start all over again with the correct form before your strength is fully built, which will make...
  • About the speed of riding
    About the speed of riding Feb 21, 2023
    Cycling is a very good way of healthy exercise, so for cyclists, what is the appropriate speed for cycling? Are more expensive bicycle faster? What kind of bike configuration would be more suitable? Let's talk about how much riding speed is normal. According to different types of bicycles, there are several situations as follows. 1. The riding speed depends on the rider's physical strength and roa...

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