Factors to consider when choosing a bicycle wheelset Mar 21, 2022

In today's growing riding team, carbon fiber wheelset is a very important part of the bicycle system, and its weight, rigidity, wind resistance coefficient and other factors have a great impact on the performance of the bicycle.

The wheelset is mainly composed of rim, hub, spokes and spoke nuts. The combination of the three and the weaving method of the spokes together affect the performance of the wheelset.

super light carbon wheelset

Factors to consider when choosing a bicycle wheelset:


The simple wheel weight is just a static pointer reference, which is more valuable for climbing. Compared with aluminum rims, carbon fiber rims are naturally much lighter, which is also the choice of more and more cycling enthusiasts. Generally good front hub weighs about 80-110gm, rear hub is 200-270gm, each spoke is about 4.3-7.3g, the rim changes greatly, pure carbon fiber is about 210-300gm (narrow frame), 280-420gm (large frame) frame). Whole group weights between 1100-1800 gm are common.

24mm Deep light wheelset


The strength of a wheel is determined by several factors, rim strength, number of wires, wire tension, and hub strength. The wider the rim, the stronger the strength and the fewer wires required. The more the number of filaments, the greater the tension of the braid, and the stronger the strength. The stronger the hub, the better the strength. The better the strength, the better the transmission efficiency.


It mainly depends on the number, size and quality of the bearing of the hub. The smoother the bearing, the smaller the friction force and the more labor-saving. Many lightweight hubs use titanium cassettes, aluminum alloys or even carbon fiber axles. Some use smaller bearings to reduce weight, or use one or two fewer bearings, but at the expense of durability and smoothness, it is not ideal. At present, the bearing with the best smoothness is the ceramic ball, because it can be made more round, and it claims to reduce the power loss by 0.8-1.0 watt at 40km/hr. Recommended ceramic bearing hubs are PowerwayR36 and others.

4.Braking performance

The braking performance of the aluminum ring is worse than that of carbon fiber, and the heat dissipation is also better, but the appearance is not as good as the carbon ring, and its weight is also quite heavy. Carbon fiber wheel rims have poor heat dissipation. It is recommended to use carbon rim special brake pads, and the braking effect is still ideal. Some carbon fiber wheel rims will use aluminum alloy brake rims Generally speaking, aluminum-clad carbon will weigh more than 100 grams, but the braking effect will also be improved. It still depends on which aspect the rider is more inclined to consider.

Cycle cross carbon wheelset

5.Choice of hubs and spokes

In addition to having goodcarbon fiber rims, you also need to have good hub and spokes.

High strength spokes, high bearing capacity.

Buy hubs with high strength, bearings and ENDURO TPI bearings with better quality and higher strength.

If it is a general road riding, it doesn't matter, the normal spokes are 1432 and 1423, and the hub Novatec 271-372 can also be equipped.

If you are a bicycle lover and have been playing for a long time, it is best to use a high-end hub with a good reputation. The more common ones are carbon wheelse with DT hubs,Novatechubs, Powerway hubs, and OSFC's custom hubs. The spokes can choose SAPIM-CX, Pillar 1420, etc., which are both light and strong.


The carbon wheel is better, and the wider the better, the disc wheel is of course the best. The smaller the number of wires, the flatter the wires, the better.

Riders can choose custom disc brakes or rim brakes according to their own needs. If a venue wheel set is required, it is recommended to use a 60-88MM high-frame carbon rim.

carbon fiber wheelset 88mm

7. Wheels match

Usually, in the statistics of some riding data, it is found that many cyclists will match the wheel set of3 spokes wheels and 88mm depth wheels, the fivespokes wheels and disc wheels, the38mm deepfront wheels and the rear wheel is 50mm Depth wheelsmatch. In short, it is still necessary to choose according to the rider's self-love. I believe there is always a bicycle rim that you like.

DT350 carbon wheelset

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