Riding Skills for carbon bicycle rims May 28, 2021
1. Increase the cadence properly!

Choose a good carbon bicycle wheels,Choose the gear ratio that suits your strength, and don't step on the gear ratio that you can't step on. Quickly switch to a lower gear ratio, increase the cadence appropriately, and control the cadence within the range that suits you.

For example, the cadence of novices can be maintained at around 80-90, and the cadence of experienced riders can be controlled at around 100-110.

Adjust the gear ratio at any time according to the road conditions. For example, the gear ratio can be appropriately reduced for headwind and uphill to make pedaling easier, and the gear ratio can be appropriately increased for downhill or downwind to make the pedaling more efficient. In a word, find the cadence rhythm that suits you.

700C carbon wheels

2. Accelerate ahead of time before going uphill and use speed to flush the slope

When going uphill, increase the speed and do a good job of accelerating before going uphill. This time,a better carbon bike rim is also important.While increasing the speed, it stores kinetic energy. With the help of inertial impact when going uphill, it can save effort, making it easier to go uphill and get up to the top of the slope smoothly.

3.After going uphill, the speed drops, and it is necessary to retreat in advance

If the slope is very steep or the slope is very long, it is not possible to complete the entire slope with one gear, and you should switch to a lighter gear in advance when you feel that you are about to lose strength or the speed is reduced to maintain a brisk cadence. Don't wait until you can't step on it before changing gears. It is very difficult to step on with brute force in a heavy gear, and brute force can easily hurt your knees.
T800 bicycle rims

4. Use a little bit of strength when going downhill, and you can use a lot less strength on flat roads

You can slide downhill by bike, but you can slide without effort. If you use a little force when going downhill, the speed will be faster, the time to reach the destination will be shortened, and the level road can use a lot less energy!

5. It is best to find teammates who are not far apart in physical strength

It's best to find teammates who are not far apart in terms of physical strength when riding in a team, otherwise you will not have a lot of fun. Do not rule out those riders who may blow you up at any time, leave first, leave you alone in the back and ride slowly!

Find a teammate who is not far apart to ride a bike, and even if you fall behind, you can stay with him. If someone breaks the wind for you, you can still save a lot of energy.

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