• Automatic Cutting
    When the carbon fiber materials arrive at the factory, we must first conduct material testing, and then use our automatic cutting machine to cut out pieces to make the shape required for the carbon Rims. The advantage of the automatic cutting machine is that it is not only efficient but also highly precise, and the error Very small, basically zero, which lays the foundation for high-quality products.
  • Make shapes
    After the carbon fiber material is cut by the automatic cutting machine, our workers must put the material into the model of each for manual operation. According to different mold shapes, each carbon bicycle rim is manually rolled. It requires a lot of patience and care, and a lot of energy is poured into each step.
  • Layout
    Every carbon fiber wheel needs a novel design, according to the needs of the market, to win the love of every cyclist. In the production process of each product, each rim needs to be designed, arranged, laid out, etc.
  • Cleaning the mould
    In the process of manufacturing carbon fiber wheels, molding is a very important part. Our workers will clean and inspect the mold before the product is molded, so that the molded product will be very beautiful and flawless. The surface of the rim will be very bright, smooth, without traces, etc.
  • Hot press molding
    Our carbon fiber wheels are made by thermoforming molds. In the production process, there are strict requirements on temperature, time, etc., and there are fixed procedures, so that the products produced are perfect.
  • Automatic Drilling
    Many of our production processes are made of automatic machinery. In this production link of drilling, our factory uses an automatic drilling machine, which can be customized according to different needs, such as different angles, different hole sizes, etc. After setting the program, the automatic drilling machine can drill different needs of carbon fiber Bicycle rims to meet the needs of different guests. Not only can it be accurate and error-free, but it also avoids artificial uncertainties.
  • Roundness Detection
    After each carbon fiber wheel is produced, we will conduct corresponding inspections after polishing and painting. Detect the roundness of each rim, and conduct related tests on its tension, torque, tension, etc., and only when it reaches the intended use state and meets the quality requirements, we will package and ship it.
  • Product Test
    In the production process of every carbon fiber wheel, there will be various tests, from the test of raw materials to the test before the final product is shipped to ensure product quality and superior performance. The final link is the test of the finished product. A comprehensive test is carried out on the finished carbon fiber rim, including braking problems encountered during the simulation of the riding process, and the stability, strength, torque and tension of the wheel set will be corresponding. Test. Ensure that guests have a good sense of experience and safety during the riding process.

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